Corporate Governance

ManpowerGroup has a deep heritage of operating at the highest level of integrity. Conducting business in an ethical and responsible manner is a key reason why we were named to the Ethisphere Institute's list of the World's Most Ethical Companies and also named one of Fortune Magazine's most admired companies.

Posted below are links to our corporate governance structure and policies which includes the articles of incorporation, bylaws, code of business conduct and ethics, corporate governance guidelines and charters for each committee on our board of directors. Biographies for all directors and corporate executives can also be found in the in the Leadership section.

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Categorical Standards Deemed Not to Impair the Independence of Non-Employee Directors HTML PDF  114.9 KB Add to Briefcase
Executive Officer Stock Ownership Guidelines HTML PDF   28.1 KB Add to Briefcase
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The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics was amended and restated effective as of November 2, 2016. Amendments to the Code include updates to incorporate changes for new or revised global polices and best practices, a new introduction letter from our Chairman and CEO and a new layout more consistent with the Company’s updated style and graphics. These enhancements make the Code more accessible and appealing for all employees and stakeholders.

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